7 Steps to a high performing Facebook Ads campaign

Facebook Advertising.

Facebook is now one of the biggest marketing platforms on the planet and due to its range of targeting and optimisation features it is now possible to put your product or service in front of the people that matter most – your customers.

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Step 1


At the start of any project we make sure we fully understand your objectives, desired CPLs (Cost Per Lead), audience and budgets. We analyse existing data, previous campaigns and your audience insights so we can begin to formulate a winning strategy.

Step 2


Using our research data, we will build out your buyer personas, offers and messages and formulate a strategy based on your objectives. This could be driving sales though lead generation, growing your email list, messenger subscribers or any of other many Facebook optimisation options.

Official Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising Partners

Step 3

Testing and Targeting

We protect your overall budget by running multiple tests across three rounds. Each round optimises your targeting and results. We’ll spend a full two weeks testing the buyer personas demographics, interests and behaviours and creatives and look-a-like audiences to fine tune results before scaling the budget and maximising results.

Step 4

Scaling Up the Campaign

Over the years we have spent thousands of pounds on Facebook advertising, so we know how to scale up your campaigns whilst negotiating that tricky algorithm. Our team are trained to use a set of tried and tested steps when scaling Facebook campaigns. This makes sure we maintain your target CPLs and hit those all-important revenue targets.

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Step 5

Retargeting & Funnels

Retargeting & Funnel building is where the magic really happens. You’ve probably heard it can take up to 8 touches for a buyer to purchase. Well this is how we achieve that through Facebook ads. Customer engages with your Ads but doesn’t buy? Boom – we will show them another to pique their interest. Customer lands on your website but doesn’t buy? We’ll be saying hello again in the news feed. Customer contacts you via Messenger? Add them to your subscriber list and get the conversation going.

Step 6


You might think we already covered this in step 3, and we did. But here is the thing – Facebook doesn’t sleep and neither do we. We will continue monitor and tweak your ads sets, landing pages and sales funnels throughout the duration of the campaign so we can keep on track on growth and fulfilling the campaign objectives.

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Step 7


Knowing who the leads are and where they came from is powerful information. And It’s your information. We’ll generate the data and send you a detailed campaign report to your either weekly or monthly so you can make informed business decisions about the campaign.



We line them up and you knock them in. Well…that’s how lead gen campaigns are meant to go. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes there is a bottleneck in the sales process that occurs once the lead has left our hands. If you need us to, we will be on hand to break down that process, offer advice and get your leads converting again.

We can help you grow if you have:

A minimum Ad spend of £500 per month
Are looking for sustainable business growth
Wish to scale in the future.

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