Facebook ‘Pages to Watch’

Do you run a Facebook Page for Business?

If you do, have you set up other ‘Pages to Watch?

You can find the Facebook ‘Pages to Watch’ feature is in the ‘Insights’ tab of a business Facebook Page.

The Facebook ‘Pages to Watch’ Feature allows you to see the activity, engagement and audience growth of your competitors Facebook Pages.

The feature is a great resource for growing your own pages as it gives you insight into what is working for other pages on your watch list.  Generally, it is great practice to use this information as a benchmark for your own Facebook Page. The information can then give you great ideas on how to adapt your own Facebook posting strategy.

A good way to utilise this feature is to add competitors’ pages and see how often they post, view their top posts, and see what kind of engagement levels they get. 
This is a great way to keep an eye on the competition and it can also give you some great ideas you can adapt for your own page!

Where is the Facebook ‘Pages to Watch’ feature?

The ‘Pages to Watch’ feature only becomes unlocked once your page has reached 100 likes or more.

On your Facebook page click the  ‘Insights’ tab at the top. This should default to the ‘Overview’ section. If you scroll down to the bottom you will be promoted to add ‘Pages to Watch’.  You will then be given detail on how many like they have, how often the post and what their engagement levels are like.

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