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Google Ads

Google Partners Advertising Agency from Torbay, Devon.

Google Ads gets your product or service in front of your customer at the exact point in time they are ready to buy. Powerful eh?
Often referred to as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads, this exceptionally effective form of digital advertising is statistically proven to drive up to 50% more revenue for companies than its organic counterpart, SEO. That’s why we love Google Ads so much.

Case Study

Riviera Insurance

133% uplift in ROI in 3 months!

Riviera Insurance
Google Ads - PPC - Torbay

How we get the best results for your Ad spend…


It is said that only 10% of Google Ads managers spend the necessary time optimising clients accounts. Our team are in that top 10%! When you work with us, your account isn’t run on hunches, guesswork or ‘feelings’. We spend time interpreting your data, we’ll troubleshoot any bottlenecks in the campaign and identify ways to optimise account performance.


We’ll test and optimise, and then test and optimise again working tirelessly to drive down your cost per acquisition, meaning you get way more bang for your buck.

Google Ads - PPC - Torbay
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Landing Pages

We’ll take a deep dive in to your landing pages, perform a full audit and run a whole bunch of split tests as part of the process. We’ll use the latest conversion rate optimisation techniques (CRO) to improve landing page conversion. Higher performing landing pages drive up Google relevancy score which drives down your cost-per-click. The more clicks your landing page gets, the more conversions it will make. Fact.


Google Ads Campaign generates a huge amount of valuable data and we’ll be sure to share it with you in an easy to digest report issued weekly or monthly to ensure you stay informed of your account’s performance and can make informed business decisions based on real results. This isn’t art. It’s science.

Facebook - PPC - Torbay
Download your FREE Cheatsheet – 5 Proven ways to get more leads for your business without spending a penny!

Microsoft Advertising Partner

Think Google is the only search engine out there? Not quite. Bing and it’s search engine partners (Yahoo, AOL and others) powers 6 BILLION unique monthly searches across it’s network. We want you to be seen by that market too, that’s why to go along with our Google Partner status, we’re also Microsoft Advertising Partners.


Always commit to things the first time you see them? Neither do most online users. That’s why we set up detailed re-targeting sequences to ensure customers who have previously shown an active interest in your company, are reminded of your product/ services with methodical re-marketing.

Google Ads - PPC - Torbay

Measurable, Realistic Returns

Our campaigns are based on statistics we acquire from Google and Facebook’s ever changing, ever advancing data capture resources.

This allows us to measure the returns and then facilitate necessary changes to enhance your possible conversions.

Owner at Capture Weddings

I contacted Mel at Bespoke Hub because I wasn’t getting very many non-referral enquiries for my wedding film business. Through targeted adverts on Facebook and Instagram, my enquires have gone from 1 or 2 a month to 3 or 4 a week!

She’s given me advice on improving my SEO and even some tips on how to convert all the extra leads I have into bookings.

I highly recommend Mel at Bespoke Hub for great knowledgeable service.

Thanks Mel and all at Bespoke Hub!

Office Manager at All Sport Insurance

Joe and the Bespoke Hub team were very professional and understanding of the needs of our business to produce a functional, user friendly and visibly appealing website and social media campaign. They took on board all of our requests and came up with some great ideas! Very easy to work with and I would recommend them to all businesses!

Manager at Owston Hall Hotel

I knew Mel’s marketing packed punch from working with her in a previous role but she and her team have really excelled themselves this time! Bespoke Hub has been running our social media for just 3 weeks and we have already received 26 wedding enquiries, and countless enquiries for other hotel revenue streams resulting in a very impressive ROI.  The guys have been proactive and quick to respond to feedback. They have understood the brand, and our objectives in full and are fast becoming an extension of the team.  Would highly recommend these guys!

Director at Sykes Verwey Centre

Excellent professional service. Joe built me an excellent website for my business. Melanie provides great organisation skills with clear and insightful marketing ideas. Very pleased with the overall service. Highly recommended many thanks.

Team Manager at Riviera Insurance

Bespoke Hub have recently designed our website, we are over the moon with the work they have done for us at Riviera Insurance, the website looks amazing! The PPC campaign they created has generated a record return on investment in its first month. We would highly recommend Bespoke Hub to any company that is looking to revamp their current website and to any new businesses opening up. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed! They are knowledgeable, professional and experienced.

Marketing Manager at Passage House Hotel

We approached Bespoke Hub as we wanted to rebrand and create a new website. From our first meeting we had with Bespoke Hub I had full confidence in their ability and level service, and we have not been disappointed. They have also exceeded our expected level of service by generating leads via different facebook cam
Mel and Joe are easy to work with and very patient!
I have recommended them to other companies requiring SEO and Websites and I will continue to recommend!