Insurance Apps specifically designed for Insurance Agencies

Think you need to spend £30K+ for an app? We don’t think you should either. That is why we create white label insurance apps at affordable prices to help enhance and future-proof your brokerage.

Want to see what our white label apps look like, here it is…

**This is a frame and not the actual app. This may cause the frame to load slowly and your data may not be stored. This is not the finished app and as such, the forms and step sequences have been shortened.

How does it work?

We have created countless insurance apps for brokers and insurance agencies. Our Insurance agency apps allow your insurance clients to upload their documents, view their renewal date, report any claims and so much more! It also includes the ability to cross-sell other products and send push notifications to your subscribed clients.

Using the app to not only means it’s easier for your clients, it also saves hours in admin time by allow users to upload their documents, start an MTA report a claim directly through the app!

We have a dedicated app development team of mobile UX/UI design experts and a talented mobile development team that develop insurance apps which deliver innovative, feature-rich web apps across iOS and Android platforms.

We also use a claims management company which you can have access to and for every non-fault claim that uses a hire vehicle, your company makes money!

There is no point re-creating the wheel and that is why we use our white-label insurance agency app for the structure of your mobile app. We can change the products you offer, colours and logos, the steps in our forms and the rewards and help section, but for the most part, the app and conversion call-to-actions/ cross-sell sections stay the same. This way, we can create insurance agency app for brokers but not have to charge outrageous prices to go with it. A mobile app build for an insurance agency/ brokerage can cost anywhere from £18,000 – £125,000 and then there is the monthly maintenance charges than can range from between £750 a month to £20,000 a month (they really are quotes we have been given in the past by our clients who were looking!). Our apps cost only £299 a month for the app (or app and website) or £399 a month for the app, website and email marketing. We can keep these costs so low by being able to convert the insurance apps quickly by sticking to our tried and tested layouts and methods within our app, rather than re-creating the wheel by designing and building completely new apps for each client that then has to go through rigorous BETA testing to insure it not only works but more importantly converts! 

At the start of the build, all we ask for is a list of your products and contact info, a PNG version of your logo and the colour scheme you want and the copy (text) that is to go on the new insurance app – this text needs to be checked by a senior member of your business as some of it may include copy that needs compliance checking i.e.  – if you are running a reward where users get £25 for referring a friend, you need to make sure you are disclosing all the information to make it compliant. 


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