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We offer insurance agency website design – award-winning website design with websites that have proven conversion history!

We are market leaders in insurance brokers website design – beautiful, effective websites that deliver results for our insurance agency clients. When a client walks into your insurance brokerage, they automatically judge you by your appearance and the appeal of your office. When they visit your website, they do exactly the same. A Bespoke Hub Template website is easy to use, conversion-led and delivers a great experience. It says more about your business’s professionalism and the reliability than a thousand words.

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Like the top part of one template but the bottom part of another, no problem!

All the websites can be mix-and-matched so that you get the feel that is right for you!

How does it work?

We have created countless insurance websites for brokers and insurance agencies. We know how to structure the page so it’s simple to navigate, clean, looks beautiful and most importantly, has a high conversion rate. There is no point re-creating the wheel and that is why we use our insurance agency website templates for the structure of your website. Parts can be swapped, changed and amended, but for the most part, the website and conversion call-to-actions stay the same. This way, we can create insurance agency websites for brokers but not have to charge outrageous prices to go with it. Once the website is built, you are then provided with a login to the backend of our custom Bespoke Hub CMS and numerous how-to-guides are located here which help you to then add or remove more content and pages as much as you like. This way, there are no crazy costs for adding a landing page or asking the developer to get involved. The websites come with ‘templated’ pages so that you can just choose which page layout you want, and then swap out the text for text that you would prefer.

At the start of the build, all we ask for is the contact details of your current developer (so that we can get in touch regarding the tech part of pointing the URL), a list of your products and contact info, a PNG version of your logo and the colour scheme you want and the copy (text) that is to go on the new website. – For the copy, we usually use the content from your current website, but if this is a new website, we ask you to provide the copy so that we can get the website built and ready as quickly as possible – you know your products better than anyone! We then create your website on a sub-domain of our website i.e. yournamehere.bespokehub.co.uk and then when you are completely happy with your website and everything is signed off, we initiate the transfer to the domain of your business and viola, your new website is live (and it’s all done usually within 2 weeks!). We’ll show you through how to get onto the new website and how you can add pages in the future and then you are good to go. We still maintain the security of your site, update all plugins, create daily back-ups, renew the domain and maintain the SSL certificate.


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