How to Use LinkedIn as a Sales Tool!

Have you heard that LinkedIn is an untapped resource for business-to-business selling but don’t know how to use LinkedIn as a sales tool?

This post details the basics of how to get started on LinkedIn. If you would like more information or help, connect with me or join our Facebook Group to let me know your question, we will be happy to help out.                                   

Connect, Connect, Connect!

A great way to get started is to download your existing email contact list into LinkedIn. You can then send them all connection requests!

To grow your network make sure you connect with people you meet at networking events, expos or shows, and through other offline activity. LinkedIn also has a handy search facility, so you can search for new connections by location and job title.

It is always best to add a message reminding them of where you met or with a polite note about why you may want to connect.

Make a Hot List

Make a list of your hot prospects and engage with them regularly, not in a sales pitch way, but in a conversational one. Read their profile, find out more about them and chat to them when they post.

20 hot contacts is normally a good number to nurture and build an ongoing relationship with. Make sure they are people who make great potential customers or people who may recommend you to your customers.

Help People

Help first and sell later should be your mantra!

How can you make their life easier right now? If you are unsure, check their social media timelines for clues. If they discuss a topic or ask a question, think whether you can provide relevant information, or introduce them to a contact who could be useful to them.


You’ll probably need to rewrite your profile if you have had your account running for a while. When Linkedin was set up we all filled our profiles in like CVs, but profiles should be filled in to highlight what you do, and how you can benefit your ideal customer.


Make sure you are smart and presentable on your profile picture. It doesn’t need to be a professional photo, but it should be head and shoulders shot with a plain neutral background.

Remember, your profile picture is akin to your logo and forms part of your personal branding. It is the first thing someone will see when they see your profile!

Show Up

Social media means just that, be social! You’ll need to be active regularly if you’re to make any kind of impact, a minimum of 3 posts per week, and daily engagement. Post interesting content about what you do and ask questions to start a conversation.

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