5 Tips to help you network more effectively

Are you a bit daunted by the thought of networking? Don’t be. You’ll be networking like a like a true professional after reading our 5 top tips on how to network more effectively.

Step 1 – Have an objective!

As with all successful meetings and interactions, it’s always best to start with some clear objectives.

  • Are you looking to meet someone specific?
  • In terms of meeting people, is your goal quality or quantity?
  • Are you seeking a mentor or advice?

By setting yourself a goal before the event will give you more focus while you are at the event.

Step 2. Prepare an answer to the ‘What do you do?’ question

Work out a killer answer to the ‘What do you do?’ question.  The standard answers people give often focus on job title and the features of what you might do, but the general rule of thumb with marketing is that features don’t sell – but benefits do.

So, it’s best to work out a simple benefit statement instead.  Try using this format and see how it sounds,

I am a [your job title] at [your company] and [Benefit statement] and [why you love it].

Practice it until you are confident saying it, but don’t be too cheesy!

Be useful to your new connections

Of course, you are at the networking event to sell yourself and your business, but helping people will build trust and rapport. When you meet a new connection ask yourself;

  • Do I have any existing connections that could help them?
  • What expertise do I have they might be seeking?
  • Do you have any free advice you could give them?

Become an Organiser

If you enjoy an event, why not ask the organiser if you can assist in some way? Most organisers are business owners themselves and are very busy so would be glad of an extra pair of hands. The benefit for you would be that you will be an insider and you will be able to get to know all the key players.

Follow up.

It’s surprising how many people don’t follow up. It doesn’t need to be complicated, a quick email or LinkedIn connection request.

Follow these step and you’ll be to networking more effectively in no time.

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