Should your business use paid Ads?

Did you know that 94% of web users click on organic search results while the remaining 6% of users click on paid Ads. However, that 6% of paid Ads result in nearly 90% of Google’s total revenue!

So, should your business use paid Ads?

Well, another interesting fact is that in 2018 the UK’s most searched phrase ‘world cup’, closely followed by ‘Megan Markle’ and ‘Royal Wedding’ – These trending phrases bring up the results that 94% of searchers click.

However, if you type ‘best hotel near me’ into your website search bar the results shown could include as many as 4 paid ads as well as Google’s own hotel search system. You can identify an Ad by a small green box showing the ‘Ad’ icon in green. Often when searching for business or commerce the paid ads account as much as 50% of the visible page when viewing on desktop and takes up to 100% of the page when viewing on mobiles.

It’s great to be part of the 94% whose website shows up in the organic search rankings but if you are looking for conversions, why not also be part of the 6% who understand that paid ads in search results can equal substantial returns on investment!

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